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Favourite family takeaway meal
48.1% Chinese 0.5% Sushi
27.8% Indian 10.0% Pizza
3.6% KFC (or equivalent) 7.5% Fish & Chips
1.2% Burger & Chips 1.4% Thai
How often families eat an evening meal together
9.3% Once a week 17.8% Five times a week
8.6% Twice a week 8.1% Six times a week
12.7% Three times a week 27.6% Seven times a week
Activities families most enjoy doing
35.4% Watching telly/films
29.1% Something active; going for a walk; playing sports
20.6% Just relaxing and chatting
4.1% Playing board games
10.9% Playing on a Wii; Playstation, (or equivalent)
Favourite type of day out as a family
13.9% Going to the park 9.6% Zoo
3.1% A Museum 13.9% The Cinema
16.6% Theme Park 14.2% Shopping
5.4% Swimming 2.8% Cycling
20.6% Going to the beach    
How often families watch TV together in the evening
8.8% Once a week
12.7% Twice a week
19.3% Three times a week
18.9% Four times a week
17.5% Five times a week
5.5% Six times a week
20.8% Seven times a week
TV programmes families tend to all watch together
54.0% X Factor/BGT/Strictly Come Dancing
29.0% Sports events
30.7% The News
57.1% Films
42.4% Soaps
22.1% Real 'The only way is Essex'...etc
34.9% Documentaries
27.4% Cartoons/kids programmes

Family Survey

As the Family’s Favourite Scottish Cheddar, we surveyed over 5,000 Scots to find out what their family’s favourite things to do together are!
Here are a few things we've found out:

  1. 1 in 5 Scottish families watch TV together 7 nights a week
  2. Edinburgh families watch the most TV, Aberdeen families the least    
  3. The most popular programmes are 'talent' shows, the least popular is 'reality TV'

Read all the results on this page!

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