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Holidays that families go on together
Camping 10.9%
Going on a foreign holiday 60.1%
Going on a cruise 2.7%
Going to a holiday park (Center Parcs, Butlins) 16.2%
Staying at home 10.0%
Favourite family snack
Nachos and Cheese 18.5%
Crisps and Dips 33.1%
Toasted Sandwiches 17.8%
Cheese Crackers 8.3%
Popcorn 9.1%
Sandwiches 6.8%
Chips 6.4%
Favourite snack time
Mid morning (between 10.30 and 11.30) 15.7%
Mid afternoon (2.30pm - 3pm) 20.8%
Tea time (4pm -5pm) 4.7%
Evening (8pm - 9pm) 52.0%
Late (10pm -11pm or later) 6.8%
Favourite type of film to watch together
Horror 4.6%
Kids/Cartoon (Shrek, Rio..etc) 24.0%
Romance 3.0%
Thriller 20.0%
Comedy 42.1%
Comedy 42.1%
Sci-Fi 3.3%
Never watch films together 3.0%
Favourite family indoor games
Computer games (Wii/Playstation...etc) 45.7%
Hide and seek (or other activity based game) 4.5%
Lego 3.7%
Jigsaws 4.9%
Board games 19.2%
Interactive TV or online games/quizzes 7.3%
Never play games together indoors 14.6%
Favourite cheddar
Galloway 38.1%
Seriously Strong 16.6%
Cathedral City 25.0%
Supermarket own make 12.9%
Pilgrim's choice 1.6%
Wyke Farms 0.8%
Scottish Pride 3.9%
Don't each cheese 1.1%

Family Survey

As the Family’s Favourite Scottish Cheddar, we surveyed over 5,000 Scots to find out what their family’s favourite things to do together are!
Here are a few things we've found out:

  1. 1 in 5 Scottish families watch TV together 7 nights a week
  2. Edinburgh families watch the most TV, Aberdeen families the least    
  3. The most popular programmes are 'talent' shows, the least popular is 'reality TV'

Read all the results on this page!

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