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3.1% of families like to visit museums
20.6% chose the beach as their favourite family day out
48.1% choose Chinese as their favourite family take-away
0.5% choose sushi as their favourite family take-away
49.5% prefer to eat cheese on toast
13.5% play football as a family activity
63.1% enjoy going for family walks
20.5% never play sport together as a family
75.1% of mums clean the family kitchen
3% watch romance films as a family
60.1% go on a foreign holiday as a family
3.8% of kids do the laundry in the household
42.1% choose comedies as their favourite type of family film
34% of Scots have more than 7 family members as friends on Facebook
35.4% of families enjoy watching the TV/films together
57.1% watch films together as a family
27.6% of Scottish families eat dinner together every night
45.7% play computer games with their family
0.4% like to eat chocolate with cheese!